Anyone will tell you that I’m a huge foodie and one of the best things about travelling to a different country for me is finding their best restaurants and hidden gems. It should tell you enough that I need to dedicate a whole post to the food that Budapest has to offer! My boyfriend and I came across some amazing restaurants. As in my previous post Budapest: The Best Things To Do I will be ranking them with pound signs ranging from £ to £££ so it’s easy to scan for the cheapest options if you’re travelling on a budget. The pricing is all relative to how cheap Budapest is, so the pizza place was £7.50 for two pizzas and is ranked £, whereas the Michelin star place we visited was £17.5o for three courses each including wine so is ranked £££ in comparison. This post concludes my little mini series on Budapest… View Post

I recently was lucky enough to visit Budapest for a week with my boyfriend. It’s such a beautiful city and so many people I know are going soon and wanted some recommendations for things to do and see – voila! One of the best things about Budapest aside from it being stunning, is that it’s superbly cheap. You can do and see plenty for a mere few pounds. I’ve ranked my top nine sights with pound signs ranking from £ to £££ so it’s easy to scan for the cheapest options if you’re travelling on a budget. Five out of the nine things to do are free! You could easily go for four or five days and cover all of these top picks, we realised that by day five of our holiday we had covered most of Budapest’s sights. Hope this helps you out and happy travelling! 1. St. Stephens Basilica – £ This is… View Post

So, it’s been a while! I had my finals at uni and after they finished I’ve been taking a little time off, but so happy to be back blogging. I recently took a trip to Budapest for a week with my boyfriend and had the best time and this is the first post in a series all about my time there. This outfit is such a beaut – I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it in River Island, it’s such a lovely pattern and the cut of it is so so flattering. My favourite colour is green, but the splashes of yellow running through it are a completely new thing for me, I mean ginger and yellow? Surely not. But somehow this dress works for me, it was so great for Budapest as when we went it was super humid and this dress kept me very… View Post