I’ve watched Tanya Burr’s Youtube videos for years and her baking videos have always been so calming to watch, so I was so excited when I heard she was bringing out a baking book. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love baking, so I pre-ordered her book as a little post-exam treat to myself. I picked this recipe because I needed to bake a cake for my Nana’s visit last Sunday, and she adores coffee cake. I really really wanted this cake to be amazing and I wasn’t disappointed; the cake is light and oh so moist and the icing is insanely addictive and tasty. Seriously, how have I never made coffee icing before? Also this recipe is super easy to make and my Nana was really impessed (she’s 90 and knows anything and everything about baking so this is really saying something), go ahead and try it! I’ve written out… View Post