So it’s been a little while! I’m currently juggling a beauty PR internship in London with a restaurant job at the weekend back in Leicester. So you could say that I kinda have no time! I’m loving it though, and in the meantime I’m determined to keep the blog going as much as I can. I’m back this week to tell you all about some beautiful handmade, bespoke products which would make the most puurfect Christmas presents. I love Christmas, but when you’re looking for presents to buy for people, everything can start to look a little samey and impersonal. This is where Jeni Broughton steps in! Jeni is an award winning product developer who’s recently opened a new salon in Anstey called Broughton Therapies. She has two fantastic product ranges which she has developed herself, and also creates bespoke products. More about my experience with a bespoke cream below, but first, I need… View Post