Christmas at Broughton Therapies

So it’s been a little while! I’m currently juggling a beauty PR internship in London with a restaurant job at the weekend back in Leicester. So you could say that I kinda have no time! I’m loving it though, and in the meantime I’m determined to keep the blog going as much as I can. I’m back this week to tell you all about some beautiful handmade, bespoke products which would make the most puurfect Christmas presents.

I love Christmas, but when you’re looking for presents to buy for people, everything can start to look a little samey and impersonal. This is where Jeni Broughton steps in! Jeni is an award winning product developer who’s recently opened a new salon in Anstey called Broughton Therapies. She has two fantastic product ranges which she has developed herself, and also creates bespoke products. More about my experience with a bespoke cream below, but first, I need to talk about her amazing product ranges.

These are my favourites out of the selection that Jeni very kindly sent to me*! The Nurturing Rose Intensive Cream is amazing for tackling any rough patches of skin you might have, which I start to get when the weather gets colder. The Extra Virgin Coconut Butter is great as you can use it for absolutely anything, but I’ve found that it works best in my hair as a mask. Simply dreamy. I get dry skin and the same goes for my hair, it needs a helluva lot of moisture put back into it, and this coconut butter does the trick. The Chaka Aura Spray I Am Cleansing and Clearing may sound a little out there, but it really helps me to feel relaxed, especially if I spray some in my bedroom before I go to sleep. Finally, The Geranium Intensive Cream is amazing if you have bad period pain (TMI but srsly, it’s not fun), gives a gentle warmth which really taked the edge off any cramps. Any of these handmade products would make truly beautiful presents.

After using all of the products and falling in love, I decided it was about time I went and had my back looked after. Waitressing at the weekends and sitting down during the weekdays hadn’t been doing it any good! I knew I’d be in safe hands because sports massages and Aromatherapy are Jeni’s thaang. After a quick consultation, (where I described my favouite scents and the type of pain I was in) Jeni blended me a bespoke blend of aromatherapy oils to use for my massage, which made my tense muscles relax. Although the massage itself was slightly painful (it was a sports one after all), it was entirely worth it afterwards; I felt like I had an entirely new back! Not only this, but Jeni mixed the rest of the oil into some scentless cream for me, creating my very own soothing balm that I’ve been applying when my back’s been creaking. The entire treatment was £35, which I think is not only incredible value for money, but an experience that would make an amazing tailored Christmas present.


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If you’re interested in any of the products I’ve mentioned, or would like a bespoke product created just for you, then you can head over to the Broughton Therapies website to find out more. I hope this has inspired you to go a little more bespoke when Christmas shopping this year, and look out for next week – I have another exciting Christmassy post coming up!

Kez xxx

*Jeni sent me a selection of her products in return for a blog post/to facilitate this review


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