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We’ve all been there, we’ve all forgotten about what to go as for Halloween and for us ladies, we have the burden of what kinda makeup we’re gonna pull out the bag too. Scary or sexy? Maybe I should just give up and be a cat AGAIN? I created this makeup look for everyone who is having these panicky kind of thoughts! This is a super easy makeup look, I didn’t need to go out and buy anything, I just used what I already had in my makeup bag. This makeup look could be paired with a LBD and a pointy hat and voila you’re a witch, or change the lip to red with a bit of fake blood and become a vampire! It’s easy to adapt. I’ll take you through how I did it step by step.


I used my usual Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and then the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (that’s a mouthful!) under my eyes and on any blemishes. I then went a little crazy with my Soap & Glory Solar Powder to really bring out my cheekbones, it adds to the whole Halloween vibe. Then I used the purple highlighter in my Solstice Highlighting Palette as I decided to go with a purple theme, as I think it adds a lovely pop of colour amongst all the black of this look.


I used my Charlotte Tilbury palette in The Glamour Muse, taking the top right colour all over the lid (the second darkest), followed by the gorgeous dark grey in my crease. BLEND PEOPLE BLEND! The same goes for the black Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Charcoal, blending is key. I added this to darken the socket and the outer corners of my eye, and I also smudged it underneath my eyes. This black eyeshadow is succh a staple in my makeup bag – it’s such good quality and there’s never too much fallout. I then took the bright purple glitter from my Charlotte Tilbury palette and popped it right in the centre of both eyes and towards the inner corners. I lined my eyes with Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner, and also tightlined my lower waterline. Then again I dipped back into the purple highlighter from my Solstice Highlighting palette and put this in the corners of my eyes to brighten the look up.

Now for the Halloween element of the eyes! I drew little lines down from the bottom of my eyes and dotted underneath them, almost like loads of little exclamation marks. I really like the look that this gives, it’s almost reminiscent of a Roy Lichtenstein type of look.

Finally, add mascara; any will do but I used plenty of Maybelline Lash Sensational (a new found favourite of mine) on both top and bottom lashes.


These lips I have to admit, are the trickiest bit of the whole look. I applied MAC Twig to begin with, then drew around the outline of my lips (as you would with lipliner) with my Lancome liquid eyeliner. Don’t worry if this is a little messy to begin with, as next you need to smudge it inwards with the Bobbi Brown Charcoal eyeliner to make it a bit softer. I then popped a bit of the purple glitter from the CT Palette in the centre. Finally, draw a curved line coming away from each side of your mouth with liquid eyeliner, then draw a medium sized dot at the end of each.

That’s the look done! It would look even more effective with white paint as the base if you wanted a spookier look, I just didn’t have any to hand. I hope you enjoyed this and have a very happy Halloween!

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