Autumn Skincare Saviours


Autumn is by far my fav season (as you all know by now), but the only thing that sucks about it is that as soon as it gets cold, my skin goes dry. However, I’ve been using these three products to re-hydrate my skin as I know they’re totally reliable. They currently make up my three step skincare routine, and as they’ve been working wonders I knew I had to share them with you. I actually discovered all three of these skincare gems from The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily. They’re two of my absolute favourite Youtubers and I really trust their advice when it comes to skincare, so I went ahead and bought their beauty box as a little finishing uni present. I totally fell in love with these three products, here’s a little bit more about each.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel – £29.50
Status – EMPTY


This cleanser has been my life ever since I started using it! It’s an ‘illuminating vitamin melting cleanser’ and I don’t think I could put it better myself. The gel is a salmon pink colour, and almost melts into your hand once you’ve pumped it out. It feels so gentle on the skin – all I do is apply it over my face, then use a muslin cloth to work it into my skin and take it off. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and re-plumped, which must be all the vitamins and enzymes doing their thing. At £29.50 it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but if you want to treat your skin (especially during the colder months coming up) then I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

Hydrating Milky Mist by Pixi – £18.00


When The Cult Beauty Box arrived, it was safe to say that this product wasn’t one of the things that I’d been most excited about. How wrong I was! I use this product after I’ve cleansed my skin, morning and night. It adds another step to my skincare routine, but it adds that all important extra moisture that my skin needs at the moment. It’s really refreshing, and bets of all it’s quick to do! Just a couple of sprays is enough (although I always get carried away) and that’s the second step done.

Luna Sleeping Oil by Sunday Riley – £85


Please don’t pass out when you see the price, I know it’s a little lavish. The Cult Beauty Box came with a half size of this product, which is definitely one of the reasons that I bought it in the first place. It gave me a great opportunity to try the product out before I committed and potentially bought the full size. Sunday Riley is well known for being powered by science and botanicals, that have almost instant effects. Before I say the benefits of this product, y’all gotta know a few slight downsides. First, it’s blue, and I mean BLUE. It leaves a slight blueish tinge to the face once you’ve rubbed it in but rest assured it doesn’t stain your face or anything. It’s just a bit of a shock the first time you use it. Secondly, it has a really strong scent, so if you’re not into that then this definitely wouldn’t be for you.
Saying that, I feel like the benefits outweigh both the small and the slight smurf effect! It’s said to help with ageing (but I kinda don’t have to worry about that just yet); the main difference that I’ve noticed, is that it solves both dry skin and breakouts. It does this instantly. I wake up the next morning and my skin feels fresh, and any spots that were lurking have diminished about 80%. I’ve never come across an oil that has this effect before, so although it comes with a hefty price tag, I’ll definitely be saving up and repurchasing when it runs out.

Let me know if you have any Autumn skincare favs below! If you’ve got that Autumnal feeling, you also might wanna check out my Luxe Autumn Makeup post.


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