So by the end of 2016 I’ll admit, I was feeling a little uninspired with my blog.

I started in February last year so I guess it wasn’t a surprise that it felt a little stale! So I’m kicking off 2017 with a new blog design, re-booted logo and a few New Year’s resolutions.

1. Incorporate the gym into my lifestyle
I know this is such a standard NY resolution, but I’ve needed a kick up the butt to make this commitment for ages, and the start of the New Year is exactly the boost I needed. I say incorporate the gym into my lifestyle not just “go to the gym” because I feel like once I make something a habit, it’s much more likely to happen! Anna from The Anna Edit puts it best in this post when she says in order to make going to the gym a thing, you need to schedule it into your calendar like a meeting. This way you’re booking it in and “making” time for it. I know I’m just over a week into it but my target of going twice a week is currently going well!

2. Get organised with my blog
Okay so I tried and failed to put a post up once a week last year, especially towards the end (was frankly exhausted after working more or less 7 days a week). This year however, I’m going to plan blog posts ahead of time, take plenty of photos when I have free time (and when there’s enough daylight!) and generally get more organised. I’m determined to keep going. ūüí™

3. Up my game with Instagram and Twitter
I really really love Instagram, but I want to post on it much more regularly. I’ve got two amazing new apps to help me do this. Mosaico is a nifty little app that maps your instagram feed, then you can place your edited photos onto your feed to see how it looks before you post it. You can also pre-write your captions so you have photos all lined up and ready to go whenever you’re ready. Snapseed is also a great editing app made by Google, which I actually prefer to VSCO! I love chatting to other bloggers on Twitter but I definitely need to start posting more as well as liking and commenting on other people’s tweets.

4. Comment and engage with other people’s blogs more
I need to do this! I’m rubbish for typically reading a post, loving it and then not saying anything. It means so much when people comment saying they enjoyed a post of mine! I’m really going to make more of an effort to engage with people’s blogs more.

I would love to know what you think of the new blog design, and let me know if you have any New Year’s Resolutions!

Kez xx


So it’s been a little while! I’m currently juggling a beauty PR internship in London with a restaurant job at the weekend back in Leicester. So you could say that I kinda have no time! I’m loving it though, and in the meantime I’m determined to keep the blog going as much as I can. I’m back this week to tell you all about some beautiful handmade, bespoke products which would make the most¬†puurfect¬†Christmas presents.

I love Christmas, but when you’re looking for presents to buy for people, everything can start to look a little samey and impersonal.¬†This is where Jeni Broughton steps in! Jeni is an award winning product developer who’s recently opened a new salon in Anstey called¬†Broughton Therapies. She has two fantastic product ranges which she has developed herself, and also creates bespoke products. More about my experience with a bespoke cream below, but first, I need to talk about her amazing product ranges.

These are my favourites out of the selection that Jeni very kindly sent to me*! The Nurturing Rose Intensive Cream¬†is amazing for tackling any rough patches of skin you might have, which I start to get when the weather gets colder. The¬†Extra Virgin Coconut Butter¬†is great as¬†you can use it for absolutely anything, but I’ve found that it works best in my hair as a mask. Simply¬†dreamy. I get dry skin and the same goes for my hair, it needs a helluva lot of moisture put back into it, and this coconut butter does the trick. The¬†Chaka Aura Spray I Am Cleansing and Clearing¬†may sound a little out there, but it really helps me to feel relaxed, especially if I spray some in my bedroom before I go to sleep. Finally, The Geranium Intensive Cream is amazing¬†if you have bad period pain (TMI but srsly, it’s not fun), gives a gentle warmth which really taked the edge off any cramps. Any of these handmade products would make truly beautiful presents.

After using all of the products and falling in love, I decided it was about time I went and had my back looked after. Waitressing at the weekends and sitting down during the weekdays¬†hadn’t been doing it any good! I knew I’d be in safe hands because sports massages and Aromatherapy are Jeni’s thaang. After a quick consultation, (where I described my favouite scents and the type of pain I was in)¬†Jeni blended me a bespoke blend of aromatherapy oils to use for my massage, which made my¬†tense muscles relax. Although the massage itself was¬†slightly painful (it was a sports one after all), it was entirely worth it afterwards; I felt like I had an entirely new back! Not only this, but Jeni mixed the rest of the oil into some scentless cream for me, creating my very own soothing balm that I’ve been applying when my back’s been creaking. The entire treatment was ¬£35, which I think is not only incredible value for money, but an experience that would make an amazing tailored Christmas present.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

If you’re interested in any of the products I’ve mentioned, or would like a bespoke product created just for you, then you can head over to the Broughton Therapies website to find out more. I hope this has inspired you to go a little more bespoke when Christmas shopping this year, and look out for next week – I have another exciting Christmassy post coming up!

Kez xxx

*Jeni sent me a selection of her products in return for a blog post/to facilitate this review




We’ve all been there, we’ve all forgotten about what to go as for Halloween and for us ladies, we have the burden of what kinda makeup we’re gonna pull out the bag too. Scary or sexy? Maybe I should just give up and be a cat AGAIN? I created this makeup look for everyone who is having these panicky kind of thoughts! This is a super easy makeup look, I didn’t need to go out and buy anything, I just used what I already had in my makeup bag. This makeup look could be paired with a LBD and a pointy hat and voila you’re a witch, or change the lip to red with a bit of fake blood and become a vampire! It’s easy to adapt. I’ll take you through how I did it step by step.


I used my usual Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation and then the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (that’s a mouthful!) under my eyes and on any blemishes. I then went a little crazy with my Soap & Glory Solar Powder to really bring out my cheekbones, it adds to the whole Halloween vibe. Then I used the purple highlighter in my Solstice Highlighting Palette as I decided to go with a purple theme, as I think it adds a lovely pop of colour amongst all the black of this look.


I used my Charlotte Tilbury palette in The Glamour Muse, taking the top right colour all over the lid (the second darkest), followed by the gorgeous dark grey in my crease. BLEND PEOPLE BLEND! The same goes for the black Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Charcoal, blending is key. I added this to darken the socket and the outer corners of my eye, and I also smudged it underneath my eyes. This black eyeshadow is succh a staple in my makeup bag – it’s such good quality and there’s never too much fallout. I then took the bright purple glitter from my Charlotte Tilbury palette and popped it right in the centre of both eyes and towards the inner corners. I lined my eyes with Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner, and also tightlined my lower waterline. Then again I dipped back into the purple highlighter from my Solstice Highlighting palette and put this in the corners of my eyes to brighten the look up.

Now for the Halloween element of the eyes! I drew little lines down from the bottom of my eyes and dotted underneath them, almost like loads of little exclamation marks. I really like the look that this gives, it’s almost reminiscent of a Roy Lichtenstein type of look.

Finally, add mascara; any will do but I used plenty of Maybelline Lash Sensational (a new found favourite of mine) on both top and bottom lashes.


These lips I have to admit, are the trickiest bit of the whole look. I applied MAC Twig to begin with, then drew around the outline of my lips (as you would with lipliner) with my Lancome liquid eyeliner. Don’t worry if this is a little messy to begin with, as next you need to¬†smudge it inwards with the Bobbi Brown Charcoal eyeliner to make it a bit softer. I then popped a bit of the purple glitter from the CT Palette in the centre.¬†Finally, draw a curved line coming away from each side of your mouth with liquid eyeliner, then draw a medium sized dot at the end of each.

That’s the look done! It would look even more effective with white paint as the base if you wanted a spookier look, I just didn’t have any to hand. I hope you enjoyed this and have a very happy Halloween!

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Autumn is by far my fav season (as you all know by now), but the only thing that sucks about it is that as soon as it gets cold, my skin goes dry. However, I’ve been using these three products to re-hydrate my skin as I know they’re totally reliable. They currently make up my three step skincare routine, and as they’ve been working wonders I knew I had to share them with you. I actually discovered all three of these skincare gems from The Cult Beauty Box by Anna and Lily. They’re two of my absolute favourite Youtubers and I really trust their advice when it comes to skincare, so I went ahead and bought their beauty box as a little finishing uni present. I totally fell in love with these three products, here’s a little bit more about each.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel – ¬£29.50
Status – EMPTY


This cleanser has been my life ever since I started using it! It’s an ‘illuminating vitamin melting cleanser’ and I don’t think I could put it better myself. The gel is a salmon pink colour, and almost melts into your hand once you’ve pumped it out. It feels so gentle on the skin – all I do is apply it over my face, then use a muslin cloth to work it into my skin and take it off. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and re-plumped, which must be all the vitamins and enzymes doing their thing. At ¬£29.50 it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but if you want to treat your skin (especially during the colder months coming up) then I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

Hydrating Milky Mist by Pixi Р£18.00


When The Cult Beauty Box arrived, it was safe to say that this product wasn’t one of the things that I’d been most excited about. How wrong I was! I use this product after I’ve cleansed my skin, morning and night. It adds another step to my skincare routine, but it adds that all important extra moisture that my skin needs at the moment. It’s really refreshing, and bets of all it’s quick to do! Just a couple of sprays is enough (although I always get carried away) and that’s the second step done.

Luna Sleeping Oil by Sunday Riley Р£85


Please don’t pass out when you see the price, I know it’s a little lavish. The Cult Beauty Box came with a half size of this product, which is definitely one of the reasons that I bought it in the first place. It gave me a great opportunity to try the product out before I committed and potentially bought the full size. Sunday Riley is well known for being powered by science and botanicals, that have almost instant effects. Before I say the benefits of this product, y’all gotta know a few slight downsides. First, it’s blue, and I mean BLUE. It leaves a slight blueish tinge to the face once you’ve rubbed it in but rest assured it doesn’t stain your face or anything. It’s just a bit of a shock the first time you use it. Secondly, it has a really strong scent, so if you’re not into that then this definitely wouldn’t be for you.
Saying that, I feel like the benefits outweigh both the small and the slight smurf effect! It’s said to help with ageing (but I kinda don’t have to worry about that just yet); the main difference that I’ve noticed, is that it solves both dry skin and breakouts. It does this instantly. I wake up the next morning and my skin feels fresh, and any spots that were lurking have diminished about 80%. I’ve never come across an oil that has this effect before, so although it comes with a hefty price tag, I’ll definitely be saving up and repurchasing when it runs out.

Let me know if you have any Autumn skincare favs below! If you’ve got that Autumnal feeling, you also might wanna check out my Luxe Autumn Makeup post.


I was thrilled when I received the invitation from Lush to attend their Leicester Christmas Event, and the night itself didn’t disappoint! It was my first proper blogger event, and it was wonderful to finally meet the people behind the blogs I’d been reading for months. Before the event I met up with the lovely Izzy from A Dose of Chatter and Jess from Cakes Crumbs and Pages¬†and we went to Turtle Bay to make the most of the food (and the cocktails).¬†We walked¬†up to LUSH after a good old catch up, and were greeted with personalised lanyards at the door, mine ‘Blogger – Kezia’ made me feel very official!


The downstairs part of the LUSH store was chock-a-block full of their new Christmas and Halloween products, and with a lovely assistant demonstrating bath bomb upon bath bomb, it really was a feast for the eyes!


These Peeping Santa Bubble Bars are so cute!

After perusing all the new products, we headed upstairs to the party room to make our own LUSH goodies. There was a huge selfie wall (which we 100% made the most of) and some delicious cupcakes to munch on. We could either make a blue, fresh smelling bath bomb or a pink, sweet bubble bar. I made the bubble bar as -cry- I don’t have a bath, and I shaped it into a very questionable heart!



Posing with our Santasauruses


Izzy getting creative!


My “beautiful” creation ūüėā It definitely smells better than it looks.

I made the most of being able to smell and test all of the Christmassy goodness on offer, and made a list of my top 3 that I’ll definitely be getting nearer the festive season.

  1. The Magic of Christmas – Reusable Bubble Bar


    This is my absolute favourite thing from the entire new collection, it smells¬†exactly¬†like Christmas, all cinnamony and warming. It’s also so glittery and I was smelling it so much I kept getting it on my nose! At least I was embracing¬†the¬†festive spirit right?

2. Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub


One of the lovely LUSH staff introduced me to the Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub and oh my goodness, it smells incredible. It reminds me of hot Ribena, which is one of my favourite drinks to have when it starts to get colder.¬†I actually bought this on the night for my brother’s girlfriend for her birthday as she¬†loves¬†LUSH lip scrubs! I’ll definitely be heading back to get one of my own.

3. Bubbly Shower Gel

I didn’t get a photo of this one (as I was probably too busy testing it out), but I got a tester of this in my goodie bag and it’s¬†incredible.¬†It’s so thick and luxurious, and foams up really well. The smell is also very very orangey, which means that it manages to¬†properly wake me up in the morning!

I really did have such a lovely evening, and I would definitely recommend heading down to the Leicester store as all the¬†staff were so welcoming and friendly. It was a great first bloggers event and I can’t wait for the next!